[SOLVED] Returning to the last visited line

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  • [SOLVED] Returning to the last visited line

    I am used to use ALT+left/right arrow to move between the last visited lines in Eclipse. What is the corresponding keyboard shortcut should be used during Segger.
    note: Alt+left arrow works in Segger during the debugging session only.
    another question, is there a link for the general keyboard shortcuts used in Segger in windows environment?
  • Hello MAmer.

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Jumping to the last visited lines in Embedded Studio is not available.
    Alt+left let you jump to the last created waypoint, which will be created if you jump to e.g a function declaration.
    During debugging, constantly waypoints are generated, but this shortcut also works in the code editor.
    You can find all available keyboard shortcuts in Embedded Studio via: Help -> Keyboard Map...

    Best Regards,
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