[CLOSED] SEGGER_RTT_vprintf / SEGGER_RTT_printf string format NULL check

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  • [CLOSED] SEGGER_RTT_vprintf / SEGGER_RTT_printf string format NULL check

    Hi Segger Team,

    we're having software that passes printf format strings with %s in the format string, but the corresponding char * is NULL in same cases.

    As it is cumbersome to check the variadic arguments (va_args) values before passing them into SEGGER_RTT_vprintf we do patch the Segger RTT sources with an additional check right now.

    We also created a patch file: null_string_va_arg.zip

    It would be nice, if this patch could get part of the official RTT release.


    Best regards
    Philipp Häfele
  • Hi mwb1100,

    wasn't aware of that behavior.

    Patch would then look something like that:

    Source Code: SEGGER_RTT_printf.c

    1. if(s == NULL) {
    2. _StoreChar(&BufferDesc, '(');
    3. _StoreChar(&BufferDesc, 'n');
    4. _StoreChar(&BufferDesc, 'u');
    5. _StoreChar(&BufferDesc, 'l');
    6. _StoreChar(&BufferDesc, 'l');
    7. _StoreChar(&BufferDesc, ')');
    8. break;
    9. }

    which is also totally ok :thumbup:

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  • Hi Philipp,
    Sorry for the delay in response.

    We agree that a crash should be avoided here.
    We will add a "NULL" (or similar) return message at some point in the future.

    Please note that we are currently fully booked with projects,
    so we cannot provide a timeline for when this will be available.

    We will close this thread now.

    Best regards
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