_WriteM01_16 always writes 250 Bytes

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    • _WriteM01_16 always writes 250 Bytes

      Hello, we are using LCD display 480x320 with ILI9488 chip. In emWin we are using driver GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR. Everything works fine but one thing. When we show larger bitmap or fill larger rectangular area we can see a kind of "tearing effect". It is visible on pictures i attach here and is is visible by eye as well. We found out that in the function void _WriteM01_16(U16 * pData, int NumWords) // Write multiple bytes to controller, with A0 = 1 as one parameter is pointer and second parameter NumWords is always set to 0xF4 = 250 Bytes. It seems to us that tearing effect could be caused by this number of bytes and we think this number should be equal to number of pixels of one display line = 480. It writes 250 Bytes then there is short pause and then it writes next 250 Bytes and so on, all display like this. Maybe we have a wrong configuration of GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR driver or one display line buffer, we dont know.
      Could you help us to get rid of this effect? Thank you :)
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