[SOLVED] cannot update jlink EDU firmware to V10

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  • [SOLVED] cannot update jlink EDU firmware to V10


    I'm using JLink EDU firmware V9.30 and I need to update at least to the V10. I've found this version (JLink_V11.bin) in the firmware folder op/SEGGER/JLink_V780d/Firmwares
    However, I'm not able to update the firmware using the SEGGER J-Link Configuration software. The output Log message is

    Not updated, probe/ programmer firmware is already up to date

    Here's the JLink EDU information

    Product = J-Link EDU V9.30
    Nickname =
    SN = 269301238
    USB = SN 269301238
    HostFW = 2021 May 7 16:26
    EmuFW = 2021 May 7 16:26

    Please, how can I update this?


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  • V9 and V10 are different hardware versions.
    You cannot make a V9 to a V10 hardware via a firmware update…
    There is even a different MCU on the V10 hardware…
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