VCS integration: SVN not activated (v6.40 for macOS)

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    • VCS integration: SVN not activated (v6.40 for macOS)


      I have created a project and stored it in a subversion repository. When I open the project from the SVN working directory on Windows, VCS integration in Segger Embedded Studio v6.40 is working properly. When I do the same for the same project on MacOS, VCS integration stays inactive.

      On Windows I only had to configure the SVN executable path to the svn.exe installed by TortoiseSVN.

      On macOS, I tried pointing the path to either /usr/local/bin/svn, which is a symbolic link (created by homebrew) to /usr/local/Cellar/subversion/1.14.2_1/bin/svn, or to the link target directly - but nothing works.

      Any hints on how to get it to work on macOS?