​J-link PRO: Interrupt setup problem??

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    • ​J-link PRO: Interrupt setup problem??


      I am using an NXP S32K344EVB-Q172 for firmware development, using primarily NXP RTD firmware plus my application code with IAR Embedded Workbench. I can flash the code and run / debug using the on-board PEmicro debugger.

      I am trying to switch over to the J-link PRO debugger we will use with our target board. I can connect the J-link PRO and download the code with no problems, but when the interrupt setup code is executed and I attempt to write to the NVIC to enable the interrupt (the first one is PIT_0) with the following line of code:

      S32_NVIC->ISER[(uint32)(eIrqNumber) >> 5U] = (uint32)(1UL << ((uint32)(eIrqNumber) & (uint32)0x1FU));

      The processor goes to an undefined_handler routine:

      void undefined_handler(void)

      This behavior occurs on the SDK I'm using, and I have also observed it with my target board.

      This does NOT occur when I use the on-board PEmicro debugger, so I suspect I've got something improperly set. The J-link PRO seems to be unable to properly set interrupts.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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      We do not see why this should not work.
      Would it be possible to get your project that can run on the S32K344EVB-Q172 and allows reproduction of the problem?
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