[SOLVED] SES project option macro

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  • [SOLVED] SES project option macro

    I found an interesting behaviour while changing path to the GNU build options in the project file.
    SES version 6.30 MacOS

    I was always using global macros for this, so it was never a problem before. Now I would like to have project scope macros to define all file paths. It is working ok for everything apart from

    For that particular tag I cannot use "../.." type of path but it needs to be fixed absolute path.
    Is there a reason for that or is this a bug in the parser ?This works fine:

    Source Code

    1. macros="LocPath=/src/Projects/Microcontrollers/arm32LibraryCM/gccLoaders"
    2. build_generic_options_file_name="$(LocPath)/ARMGNU_build_options.xml"

    While this doesnt work. (I dont get any errors, just warning "ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol Reset_Handler;" and produced code is pretty much empty.)

    Source Code

    1. macros="LocPath=../../../../gccLoaders"
    2. build_generic_options_file_name="$(LocPath)/ARMGNU_build_options.xml"
    While similar macro for .ld file works fine.

    Source Code

    1. macros="LocalLinkerPath=../../../../gccLoaders/"
    2. link_linker_script_file="$(LocalLinkerPath)/STM32F746G/System/flash.ld"
  • Hi Gossamer,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Here it depends on the tool which is called.
    If the tool supports relative paths like the linker you can use them, if the tool doesn't support relative paths you can't use them here.
    In general we recommend not to make any changes in the project file, but to configure the project only via the settings in embedded studio, this could prevent some errors.

    Best Regards,

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