[ABANDONED] Build error - undefined reference to signal

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  • [ABANDONED] Build error - undefined reference to signal

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently working on SES 5.64 (because of a project on an old/outdated hardware that won't work on SES 6.xx) and I've been trying to play with interrupts.

    However, after including signal.h in my project (which is defined here : C:\Program Files\SEGGER\SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM 5.70a\include\signal.h), the compiler returns an error : "undefined reference to 'signal' "

    I tried on SES 6.34a with the same example project and it worked just fine, but I can't use this version for my project.

    Someone has an idea? Thanks for your time!
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  • Hello iQuad,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Please note that we can only offer support for the latest version of Embedded Studio.
    However, could you answer me why your platform is not compatible with the new Embedded Studio version?

    Best Regards,

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