[SOLVED] Determine if function is called from Timer or interrupt

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    • [SOLVED] Determine if function is called from Timer or interrupt


      I am using EmbOS CortexM GCC V5.02 on an ATSAM4E8C.

      I have a function which I would like to take different code paths if called from a thread or from a timer or interrupt handler.

      Basically my function is normally called from a task, but because it uses a MUTEX, this will fail with OS Error 161 if called from a timer handler or 160 if called from an ISR.

      Is it possible to determine if my function is called from a timer or interrupt handler, so I can take a different code path, avoiding trying to acquire the mutex?

      I would like to do something like the following:

      C Source Code

      1. if (OS_InTimerHandler() || OS_In_ISR()) {
      2. do_something_special();
      3. } else {
      4. if (0==OS_MUTEX_LockTimed(&my_mutex, 100)) {
      5. error_mutex_timeout();
      6. } else {
      7. do_something_that_requires_mutex();
      8. OS_MUTEX_Unlock(&my_mutex);
      9. }
      10. }
      Note: The function also performs a number of other things before and after the mutex, so replacing all calls from within timer and interrupt handlers with a special version is not desirable.

      Best regards
      Mikkel Holm Olsen
    • Hello Mikkel,

      with the most recent embOS version you can use OS_TIMER_GetCurrent() and OS_INT_InInterrupt().
      With older embOS versions the return value of OS_TIMER_GetCurrent() was valid during the execution of a timer callback function only.


      Would it be possible for you to update to the latest embOS Cortex-M GCC V5.18.0.1?
      That would be the easiest solution.

      Best regards,
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