[SOLVED] PICO J-Link Ultra+

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    • PICO J-Link Ultra+

      I have a J-Link Ultra+ V1.00 with host firmware from 2013 Dec 3 14:27 and Probe Firmware from 2013 Dec 3 14:27. (Isn't there a newer version?)

      I am trying to debug Raspberry PI PICO using IAR 9.30.1 I get the error:

      The connected J-Link (SN: 5012***30) does not support SWD multi-drop.
      Debugging an SWD mult-drop system is not possible.

      So I try to use J-Flash:

      I configure the pico, change the speed to 100K and click connect and get the same error.

      I have tried to read your forums on this issue and doesn't seem like a definitive answer is ever given. The Ultra+ is suppose to support ARM M0 so not sure what is the issues.

      Pins from J-link
      Pin 1 - goes to Pin 36 on PICO
      Pin 4 - goes to debug gnd PICO
      Pin 7 - goes to SWDIO on PICO
      Pin 9 - goes to SWCLK on PICO

      I can read the processor serial, etc, but get the above error.f

      What gives?

      OS: Windows 10
    • [SOLVED] PICO J-Link Ultra+

      The error message is pretty clear….
      The Pico MCU requires the probe to support the SWD multi-drop debug feature.
      This is not supported by your 9+ year old J-Link.
      You need a current J-Link hardware.
      This might be of interest for you:
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    • New

      Thank you.. Yes, I know it is old, like me.. but, when we purchase the ultra+ it said it was "Future Proof". That the firmware could be updated to support any new technology. I assuming that was over come by events. Can you tell me which models will support Pico? Do I just reorder the Ultra+?