Wrong firmware update on flasher 5

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  • Wrong firmware update on flasher 5

    We have a flasher 5 ( 51366 ) , and after a new install of the software ( 2.00h) , and an update of theinternal firmware , the flasher didn't work anymore :S : just the led "not ready fail" fast blinking .
    There is a solution to downgrade the firmware ? thanks .
  • As long as Flasher communicates with the Flasher PC program, a firmware downgrade should be possible by menu "Option -> Download Firmware".
    When the Flasher does not communicate with the Flasher program,
    you need a special bootloader-software to re-program the Flasher.
    In this case, contact segger at support_flasher@segger.com to get the bootloader application HexLoad and an instruction how to use it.
    Please name the serial number of your Flasher to get the correct instruction for your Flasher.