RAM Memory Segment Program Section size ignored?

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    • RAM Memory Segment Program Section size ignored?

      Hi, first time posting here.

      I have reserved a section in my RAM memory segment called 'my_non_init' (as highlighted in the screenshot attached) and gave it a size of 0x1000.
      1. A size of 0x1000 stands for 4096 bytes, right?
      2. Since I have reserved 4096 bytes (4kB) but the Memory View shows 24.1kB, why don't I get a compilation error?
      It is essential for me to know the amount of bytes needed/reserved to be able to block the same amount of non initialized memory in the bootloader.

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    • Hi,

      in Embedded Studio V5 the size attribute defined the minimum size of a section.
      If you would have placed less than 0x1000 bytes into this section, it would have been expanded.

      See line 6 of the generated linker script:

      Source Code

      1. __my_non_init_load_start__ = ALIGN(__non_init_end__ , 4);
      2. .my_non_init ALIGN(__non_init_end__ , 4) (NOLOAD) : AT(ALIGN(__non_init_end__ , 4))
      3. {
      4. __my_non_init_start__ = .;
      5. *(.my_non_init .my_non_init.*)
      6. . = ALIGN(MAX(__my_non_init_start__ + 0x1000 , .), 4);
      7. }
      8. __my_non_init_end__ = __my_non_init_start__ + SIZEOF(.my_non_init);
      9. __my_non_init_size__ = SIZEOF(.my_non_init);
      10. __my_non_init_load_end__ = __my_non_init_end__;
      11. . = ASSERT(__my_non_init_start__ == __my_non_init_end__ || (__my_non_init_end__ - __RAM1_segment_start__) <= __RAM1_segment_size__ , "error: .my_non_init is too large to fit in RAM1 memory segment");
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      Embedded Studio V6.32 adds an additional assert to also make the attribute the maximum size of a section:

      Source Code

      1. . = ASSERT(__my_non_init_size__ <= 0x1000 , "error: .my_non_init is larger than specified size");
      If that is the behavior you would expect, you could upgrade to the latest version of Embedded Studio, or change your project to use a custom linker script which includes the additional assert.

      - Johannes
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