Cannot display Unicode characters

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  • Cannot display Unicode characters

    I have converted a windows font MingLiu with the Font Converter with following settings: Font Type: Standard, Encoding: Unicode, Font: MingLiU. I use following code to try to display the characters:

    C Source Code

    1. GUI_SetFont(&GUI_FontMingLiU18_Unicode); GUI_UC_SetEncodeUTF8(); GUI_DispStringAt("\x89\x85",0,0) //no character display;

    With the above code, nothing is displayed on the lcd. When I use the encoding method of Shift-JIS in the Font Converter, the characters are displayed fine on the LCD by using the resulting c file.

    C Source Code

    1. GUI_SetFont(&GUI_FontMingLiU18_SJ);GUI_UC_SetEncodeUTF8(); GUI_DispStringAt("\x89\x85",0,0) // character displays fine;

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Zubair Hameed
  • Hello,

    I assume you tried to show the Unicode character 0x8985. Further you used the function GUI_UC_SetEncodeUTF8() for automatic UTF8 decoding. In UTF8 the sequence "\x89\x85" is wrong to specify this character. Instead of this you should use "\xe8\xa6\x85". More infos about UTF8 you can find under