[SOLVED] emStudio is not accepting the file?

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    • [SOLVED] emStudio is not accepting the file?

      Hello all,

      I got across a strange problem. Although the file, namely nrf_log_frontend.c does exist in the SDK folders, the emStudio says it does not.
      Confused, have a look at the picture! Any idea what could be wrong? Sorry, if this is a problem that should be address by nordic.

      Any help is much appreciated!

    • Hi MUETA,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The import path of this file does not match the actual path of the file.
      The imported File Path is: C:/dev/components/libaries/src/nrf_log_frontend.c
      However, the actual path is: C:/dev/nRF5_SDK_17.1.0_ddde560/components/libaries/log/src/nrf_log_frontend.c
      This behavior can be corrected by deleting the file from the Project Explorer and adding it again using drag and drop.
      In order to avoid such behavior for several files in the future, you can also create a dynamically synchronized folder.
      This can easily be done by dragging and dropping an entire folder.
      In addition, the option Synchronize with Disc must be activated (right click on the folder and then press Synchronize with Disc once)

      Best regards,
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