[SOLVED] slower sample rates

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  • [SOLVED] slower sample rates

    is there any way to get slower sample rates than 100Hz for the data sampling / graphing?

    quite a lot of things I do run for a long time but dont notionally change very quickly eg a battery discharging over hours so having samples at 100Hz ( minimum rate ) leads to an awful lot of data that is pointlessly the same. 1Hz or even 0.1 Hz would be more than sufficient for a lot of things, especially when they are floats to inherently float around with noise on them that change detection would always trigger

    a "custom" sample rate option would be the nicest!
  • Hi AndyR,

    as of now, 100Hz is the minimum update rate Ozone provides and most of our customers work with way higher sample frequencies. Still, I added adding lower frequencies to our internal wish list. However, I cannot comment of when this will be implemented.

    Side note: in general, signal processing on noisy data requires adequate filtering before applying any means of signal processing such as change detection. This is not related to the sample frequency, since from a signal's perspective noise is chronically high-frequency and without filtering you always do undersampling. According to Shannon's sampling theorem you should sample your signal at least at twice the maximum frequency of your signal, so anything above that maximum frequency is to be considered as noise and needs to be damped below the precision of measurement you apply.

    Best regards
    -- AlexD
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