[CLOSED] flashing .elf file to ECU using Jlink.dll

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  • [CLOSED] flashing .elf file to ECU using Jlink.dll

    I will use the Jlink Plus in Automated test applications for the ECU (NXP S32K312).
    The code is written in C# using the IDE (Visual Studio Professional 2022).
    Namely, I have been having some problems with programming.
    I need the following functions which I didn't find in the Jlink.dll from the SDK:

    - Flashing .elf file to ECU
    - Variables Operations : ReadVariable
    - a memory dump of a selected memory section
    - SetBreakpointToFunctionStart(name of function)
    - SetBreakpointToFunctionEnd(name of function)
    - SetBreakpointToAddress()
    - SetBreakpointWhenVariableChange(name of variable)
    - SetBreakpoint

    Are these functions present in the Jlink.dll at all? If not, is there another library for them?
    Or is there a way to call these functions through C# from Ozone tool?
    Kind regards
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