[SOLVED] Flashing a HyperFlash part connected to an RT685

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  • [SOLVED] Flashing a HyperFlash part connected to an RT685


    We have a custom board with an NXP MIMXRT685SFFOB (so the highest pin count FOWLP249 package). The flash memory is a S26KS512S connected to FLEXSPI0A of the RT685; the S26KS512S seems to be a recommended part because it's mentioned in the RT685 datasheet..
    Using NXPs blhost utility, I'm able to manually configure the FLEXSPI interface and read from the flash memory. My problem is that JLinkExe is unable to perform the flashing. After connecting successfully, when I run loadfile <path/to/my/project/file.hex>, I get the following error:

    ****** Error: Failed to prepare RAMCode using RAM
    Error while determining flash info (Bank @ 0x08000000)
    Unspecified error -1

    I've looked at the wiki page here: wiki.segger.com/i.MXRT600, which says that "a out-of-the-box solution which works for all setups is kind of impossible. For that reason, the J-Link software supports the evaluation board setup, only. Other setups may work but without any warranty or guarantee from SEGGER. If you are working with a different setup and looking for support for this setup, please get in touch with SEGGER."

    So here I am. :)
    Any help getting the flashing of this memory working would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi,
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