[SOLVED] Open Flashloader driver for AT45 dataflash

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  • [SOLVED] Open Flashloader driver for AT45 dataflash

    I want to write a driver for AT45DB041 dataflash for Open Flashloader. This flash has the page of 264 bytes. It seems that JLink supports only power of 2 sizes for pages. Any idea?
  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Yes, the Open Flashloader only supports page sizes with power of 2.
    This is because in the J-Link internal these values are shifted to work with them.

    Adjusting this for non power of 2 sizes is on the list, however this will not be supported any time soon.
    There are good reasons to only use power of 2 for flash sizes and Atmel/Microchip decided to not
    follow this convention for some reason.


    The page size is used by the dll to call the flash loader to program a page and providing it with the data.
    What the Flashloader actually does is 100% up to the flashloader.
    Even though it is a little bit "hacky", it is absolutely possible to set the page size to a value
    that is not the actual page size, as long as the Flashloader works around it.

    Example: "Virtual" page size 512 bytes, actual page size 264 bytes:
    1) The DLL then provides the flashloader with 512 bytes to program 1 "virtual" page (offset 0x0).
    The flashloader internally programs actual pages:
    1st page: 264 bytes.
    2nd page: 248 bytes (16 bytes remaining).

    2) The DLL calls the routine again to program the 2nd virtual page (offset 0x200):

    The flashloader can calculate the remaining bytes of the 2nd actual page by the start address.
    2nd page: program the remaining 16 bytes
    3rd page: 264 bytes.
    4th page: 232 bytes (32 bytes remaining).

    As already mentioned this is of course only a work around, but it should do the trick in your case.

    Best regards,
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