S32K144 RAMCode Failed Question

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    • S32K144 RAMCode Failed Question

      While using S32K144, the same error as in the picture occurs.
      What should I do?
      Jlink log file is also attached.
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      • JLinkARM.log

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      • JFlash.log

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    • Hi,

      Such errors often point to connection / setup issues.
      It looks like J-Link either cannot write the RAM @ 0x1FFF8000 *or* the RAM is written correctly but reading brings garbage data.

      Some things to check:
      • Does it get better with slower interface speeds (you are currently using 4000 kHz, what about 1000 kHz)?
      • Do you use short cables between J-Link and target MCU (< 1m, ideally not above 30cm)?
      • Are there any other things between J-Link and the MCU? (isolators, relays, ...) => Does the problem go away with eliminating the things in between?

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