[CLOSED]loadbin wth AT91M55800A & M29W800DB

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  • [CLOSED]loadbin wth AT91M55800A & M29W800DB

    I have managed to step through programming instructions in J-link and save my flash device content to file. I have also managed to manually perform a chip erase of the M29W800DB flash. The problem I am having now is that I cannot get the 'loadbin' command to write to the flash. The command seems to succeed, but when I read the flash content, it is still all 0xFF. I can manually implement the programming algorithm for the M29W800DB on a byte by byte basis, so I know that everything is working as it should be. I just need to know how to get the loadbin option to implement the correct algorithm.

    On looking through the forum and documentation, I see that the 'exec' command is used to load flash device algorithm parameters. The trouble I have with this is that my flash is external and not on the supported list (although the list intimates that external devices are supported and do work). I tried "exec device = M29W800DB" and "exec device = AT91M55800A" , but although all these commands are accepted by J-link without error, they do not make any difference. The documentation lists "EnableFlashDL", but that's an unknown command in J-link.

    T0CF0 7338:946 JLINK_IsHalted() returns TRUE
    T0CF0 7338:948 JLINK_WriteMem(0x01000000, 0x100000 Bytes, ...) - Data: FF 1C 00 EA 10 B5 04 1C ...
    T0CF0 7363:337 JLINK_ReadMemU16(0x01000000, 0x0100 Items, ...) - Data: FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF ...


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  • Hi,

    you are trying to program an external, CFI-compliant, NOR flash device.
    The setup sequence for programming external CFI-compliant flash via the loadbin command is different from the sequence for internal flash.
    For more information about how to setup J-Link commander for download into external CFI-compliant flash memory, please refer to
    UM08001 Chapter 6.5 "Flash download and flash breakpoints" -> "Setup for different debuggers (CFI-flash)" --> "J-Link commander"

    Best regards