[SOLVED] File Write/Read synchronization issue

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    • [SOLVED] File Write/Read synchronization issue


      I'm facing an issue with emFile write and read synchronization.

      When opening the same file twice (by calling FS_FOpen() twice to get two different file descriptors, this is mandatory in my case) and using the first one to write data and the seconde one to read data.
      The written data is not available for reading.

      I have tried syncing the file descriptors by calling FS_SyncFile(NULL) after the write and also before the read with no success.

      Note that caching and journaling are disabled and the read and write operation are guaranteed to be executed sequentially by the same os task.

      Thank you for your help :)
    • Hello anas,

      You will have to build emFile with FS_MULTI_HANDLE_SAFE set to 1 (FS_MULTI_HANDLE_SAFE) if your application is required to access the same file in read and write mode using different file handles. Would it be possible to give this a try? Thank you.

      Best regards,
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