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    • Deactivate events


      I've got a question regarding SystemView in combination with FreeRTOS and high frequency interrupts:
      Is it possible to deactive the capturing of certain events to omit buffer overflows? For example events that come from certain interrupts or any arbitrary events in general.

      I've got an high frequency interrupt which releases a semaphore. This leads to buffer overflows (see image attached).

      Thank you in advance for your help!
      Best regards,
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      Thank you for your inquiry.
      See SEGGER_SYSVIEW_DisableEvents().
      For IDs < 32 you can disable the event generation here e.g. ISR Enter/Exit.

      Everything else depends on how you instrumented the RTOS.

      Also increasing the target interface speed and RTT buffer size on target can help.
      We recommend at least a J-Link Ultra+ as it supports debug interface speed up to 50 MHz.

      Best regards,
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