[SOLVED] iMX8M Mini EVK - Flashing QSPI through JTAG

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  • [SOLVED] iMX8M Mini EVK - Flashing QSPI through JTAG

    We are working on a new project including an iMX8M Mini Evaluation Kit and we are trying to flash U-Boot on the QSPI NOR flash through JTAG with a SEGGER probe.

    When we already have U-Boot started, we succeeded to dump the flash with J-Mem (start address at 0xC000_0000, device MIMX8MM6_M4), but writing does not work neither with J-Mem nor J-Flash Lite.When We boot the board in "download mode" we do not "see" anymore the flash content.

    Does anyone have already successfully programmed U-Boot on an iMX8M Mini EVK through JTAG?

    Have a nice day,
  • Hi,

    Currently, i.MX8M support is available through NXP only (no support from SEGGER).
    Same for potential flash programming.

    They have created some support based on J-Link script files & open flash loader.

    We plan to add native support some time this year.

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