Jlink EDU Mini Kendryte K210 Flasing & Debbuger

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    • Jlink EDU Mini Kendryte K210 Flasing & Debbuger



      I am trying to flash and debug Kendryte K210 microcontroller with Jlink EDU Mini. This microcontroller is based on RV64GC architecture.

      To implement that my set-up is:
      - J-Link Software and Documentation pack v.7.58 ( segger.com/downloads/jlink/ )
      - J-Link EDU Mini V1 compiles Nov 2 2021, HW Version: V1.00, S/N: 801030646, License(s): FlashBP, GDB
      - Development Board, Sipeed Maix Bit with Mic

      I started with the simple one...that is...flashing and it seems to be that is working well, but when I check the FW in the microcontroller it has the previous FW as you can see in the attached file

      I was using Visual Studio Code with PlatformIO and was impossible to flashing and debugging too...

      I do not if JLink support this microcontroller...

      Thanks in advance.

      • JLink.JPG

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