Rotary widget is not working as expected

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    • Rotary widget is not working as expected

      Hello guys,

      I want to rotate the BMP marker using the Rotary widget
      I referred to "ROTARY_Usage.c.c" as an example.It works fine as expected.
      Then I tried to create a rotary widget using "ROTARY_CreateIndirect". Using ROTARY_CreateIndirect I successfully tried to crate the rotary widget and was able to rotate the maker on it.
      The coordinates are 0, 0, 235, 235 : x0, y0, xSize, ySize respectively in table. while I tried to move the rotary widget to another coordinate but the Background bitmap gets drawn but Maker is missing over it.
      After verification, I understand that in my project I need to enable the (WM_CF_MEMDEV) flag and this flag is responsible for not drawing a marker over bitmap. If I commented WM_SetCreateFlags(WM_CF_MEMDEV) line from MainTask() then the maker was drawn over assign coordinates.

      So how can I handle this case? I also need to use WM_CF_MEMDEV in my project as well using 250, 170, 235, 235 these values.

      I am attaching the rotary widget code with please find the attachment.
      • setpointDialBlack.png

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      • setpointKnob.png

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