J-Scope RTT SamplingPeriod

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    • J-Scope RTT SamplingPeriod

      Setup: J-Scope 7.59a beta, J-Link Edu V9, STM32L431, Linux

      I have a loop generating new data every 1ms. I checked this timing with a scope and pin toggle.
      Within this loop a block of RTT without timestamps is sent, works fine so far.
      J-Scope shows this data but the time between two data points is shown and logged as 100µs.
      I noticed that there is a parameter "SamplingPeriod" in the .jscope config file, default is 100. I changed it to 1000 (1ms), but this had no effect.

      Does anyone has a solution for this? (Except for sending timestamps which I try to avoid to reduce data.)
      Is it due to RTT? The "IsAutoConfig" setting gets ignored as well.

      Btw, thanks for all the improvements in J-Scope recently!

      Best, Michael
    • Hello Michael,

      when RTT without timestamps is used, a block of samples without any timestamps arrives for J-Scope at the same time. Therefore there is no real way for J-Scope to know the real time difference between any two samples.

      Because of this, J-Scope just assumes a time difference of 100 us. If you want to have timestamps that reflect the real situation, we recommend using HSS or better RTT with timestamps.

      Best regards,
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