JLink commander on RX651 device

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    • JLink commander on RX651 device


      I'm doing some reverse engineering job on a Renesas RX651 target. I'm using my JLink to connect.
      I connect to the target using the FINE bus. However, I have some problem.

      If I don't specify the exact RX device, it can connect:

      Source Code

      1. SEGGER J-Link Commander V7.54 (Compiled Sep 1 2021 10:46:23)
      2. DLL version V7.54, compiled Sep 1 2021 10:46:07
      3. Connecting to J-Link via USB...O.K.
      4. Firmware: J-Link V11 compiled Sep 7 2021 11:22:27
      5. Hardware version: V11.00
      6. S/N: 261001309
      7. License(s): FlashBP, GDB
      8. OEM: SEGGER-EDU
      9. VTref=3.322V
      10. Connecting to target via FINE
      11. FINE: Found Renesas device
      12. Found Renesas RX65N device (MCU_DR: 0xD02B)
      13. Debugger already authenticated.
      14. Endian: little
      15. RX: No device selected / programming of OFS1 not supported. Debug mode (OFS1) can not be configured. Debugging may not work properly.
      16. RX identified.
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      I then can set the PC, step inside the code but I can't run the program (Go). If I do, it just stay Halted.

      I tried to select my exact target with the device command but then, I got errors:

      Source Code

      1. Device "R5F56519" selected.
      2. Connecting to target via FINE
      3. InitTarget() start
      4. InitTarget() end
      5. FINE: Found Renesas device
      6. Found Renesas RX65N device (MCU_DR: 0xD02B)
      7. Starting debugger authentication...
      8. Debugger authenticated successfully.
      9. Endian: little
      10. Enabling ongoing debug mode.
      11. InitTarget() start
      12. InitTarget() end
      13. ****** Error: Failed to measure CPU clock frequency
      14. Failed to measure CPU clock frequency: second loop count is less than first one! (0<=0)
      15. Failed to enable ongoing debug mode for debugging.
      16. Specific core setup failed.
      17. Cannot connect to target.
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      Is anyone has an idea about what's going on ?
      My J-Link firmware and J-Link commander version are shown in the first log.


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    • Hi,

      What FINE speed are you working with?
      I recommend 1 MHz as 2 MHz is challenging for most setups.

      Does the connect always fail or does it work if you start J-Link Commander a 2nd / 3rd time?
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