[SOLVED] Export Terminal Window

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  • [SOLVED] Export Terminal Window

    I just upgraded to 3.24g

    I am trying to export the Terminal window via my jdebug script. With window.Export(). but its not working.
    Window.Export ("Terminal", "test.txt"): Failed to export window contents.

    Any ideas, or is this not possible?

    Any other way to save the RTT output by running a jdebug script in ozone? I know I can use the SWO Viewer. But I was trying to do everything in ozone since I already need to export the code profile data.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Currently Ozone does not support exporting the terminal window.
    We will add it to our feature wishlist.

    For now we recommend to use either the RTT Viewer or RTT Logger which are provided in the J-Link Software Pacakge.

    Best regards,
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  • I ended up scripting in python to run ozone. And then in the same script I run some keyboard shortcuts to copy the RTT output from the ozone window. So that is working for me for now, but it would be great to be part of ozone in the future thanks. Thanks for adding it to the wish list