J-Link and J-Trace LED indications

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    • J-Link and J-Trace LED indications

      Hello Segger,

      I use both a J-Link (BASE Compact) and a J-Trace Pro. These debugger/programmer have LED(s) (1 on the J-Link BASE and 4 on the J-Trace Pro) that give some indication/status (such as usb enumeration, critical error, target /reset pin is low). I'm looking for documentation (e.g. the J-Link/J-Trace user manual UM08001 or Wiki) that describes meaning of each LED along with its color. e.g. Orange means /reset is low.

      It would be a help e.g. when pressing reset button on a development board that ties /reset low, I should expect (an) LED to turn orange. That would help me know the wiring on development board for reset signals is correct.

      Is the LED color described somewhere? It would be great.

      Thank you!
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      It is indeed not documented for J-Trace right now.
      It would be expected though that it behaves similarly as explained for the J-Links with bidirectional LED indicators:

      I will check with the team and most likely it will be added in future with a FW update and update the documentation accordingly.
      For completeness which J-Trace Pro revision are you currently using (what is the serial number)?

      Best regards,
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    • Hi Nino,

      Thanks for the reply, and link to the Wiki -- I did not know that documentation of J-Link LED colors online. Very helpful!

      I am using a J-Trace Pro (SN: 932000xxx):
      ➜ JLinkExe
      SEGGER J-Link Commander V7.54d (Compiled Sep 28 2021 16:14:15)
      DLL version V7.54d, compiled Sep 28 2021 16:14:09
      Connecting to J-Link via USB...O.K.
      Firmware: J-Trace PRO V2 Cortex compiled Sep 7 2021 09:57:01
      Hardware version: V2.00

      There are 4 LEDs on this J-Trace Pro, and I've observed some LEDs be orange at times, so I'm hoping for clarification about those different indications.

      Thank you!