JLink RTT viewer tabs and control characters

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    • JLink RTT viewer tabs and control characters

      I am trying to driver a zephyr shell over RTT using JLink RTT Viewer but tabs and ctrl chars don't seem to get captured by the program and they are not forwarded to my target where it wants to do tab completion etc.

      Is Windows or the terminal emulator itself swallowing these special chararcters?
      How can I force the RTT Viewer to send tab and ctrl chars to my target?

      I cannot see anywhere where such functionality is configurable in the viewer.
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      Thank you for your inquiry.

      The RTT Viewer is not designed to execute key strokes that invoke special characters.
      There are also no plans to add such a feature currently.

      To name two reasons:
      1) Implementing "tab" key handling in this way would impair keyboard only navigation.
      2) The demand for such a feature is very low. You are the first customer requesting such a feature

      However, it is still possible to send special characters via the RTT Viewer by copying and pasting them in the line edit.

      Alternatively, you could write a small application yourself that hooks up to the RTT TELNET channel:

      Best regards,
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