MTB buffer location incorrect

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    • MTB buffer location incorrect

      I want to use MTB on MKL05Z32 (4k RAM). But it doesn't seem to be working. Whenever I enable Trace Buffer in the Ozone settings, my program just crashes with a hard fault.

      I have reserved space in RAM for the MTB buffer with: (where __SA_MTB_SIZE=0x200 is globally defined as in the project settings)

      C Source Code

      1. unsigned char __attribute__((section (".mtb_buf"))) mtb_buf[__SA_MTB_SIZE] __attribute__ ((aligned (SA_MTB_ALIGNEMENT)));

      And I see in the MAP file that mtb_buf is located at 0x1ffffc00, which is consistent with the reference manual which states it should be located at (0x2000_0000 -(RAM_Size/4))

      But it seems like Ozone is assuming that the MTB is located at 0x20000000. I see this in the Ozone console:

      Source Code

      1. MTB: No UsageSize configured. Using default 0x00000200
      2. MTB: Starting trace using 0x200 bytes buffer @ 0x20000000

      Is there a way to tell Ozone/Jlink where the MTB buffer actually is?
    • Hi,
      Thank you for you inquiry.
      The MTB buffer location can be set via J-Link Command strings:…ngs_for_MTB_configuration

      How to use J-Link Command strings in Ozone you can find here:…ng_J-Link_Command_Strings

      Does this solve the issue?

      Best regards,
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