Multiple OpenFlashLoader images? Standard OpenFlashLoader open source?

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    • Multiple OpenFlashLoader images? Standard OpenFlashLoader open source?

      I need to come up with a solution for setting an external RTC on a board w/ an STM32L4 line mcu.

      It occurs to me that I could potentially do this via an OpenFlashLoader tool, where I could create a few memory-mapped variables, e.g. 32b epoch time to set, 32b sentinel to start setting, 32b response value to pend on.

      Can multiple separate OpenFlashLoader ELF's be used for different address spaces on a chip?
      Or would I have to extend the "main" one that ships for use with QSPI flash?

      And if I have to extend the central one, is the source for that available? I am using an STM32L496AG, so I am not even sure which OFL ELF is being used under the hood. (but QSPI loading works!)

      Yes, I could probably do the same thing with an all-RAM standalone program, but then I'd have to bring up a separate project, build system, etc.
      But having a general chassis for memory mapping access to board comms busses via jlink+OFL seems like a pretty useful too to have.

      As an aside: is there a known solution for setting the on-chip RTC via JLink only?
      This would nominally solve my need, as long as I refactor everything downstream to propagate the known-good sense of time in any/all firmware loaded onto the board.