FreeRTOS pluging causing hangs

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    • FreeRTOS pluging causing hangs

      Hello all,

      I ran into the problem that Ozone hangs after uploading my elf file to my Atmel SAM4SDxC target. Both on windows and linux (and both usb and tcp) it hangs hard (no gui actions possible) and starts to chew away gigabytes of ram until I "kill -9" it. It seems to happen due to the FreeRTOS plugin, if I remove that from the gui (not from my config file) it works again. It also seems to have to do with the program, some versions do not work at all, some work fine.

      Anybody else run in problems like that ? It looks like the freertos plugin somehow gets confused and ends up in an infinite loop eating 100% cpu and eating more an more RAM.

      - Erwin

      PS: latest version of ozone, jlink, and trace-pro FW.
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Such an issue is not known to us.
      Which FreeRTOS Plugin are you loading in your project?
      Is it the one ending on .dll or .js?
      We recommend using the .js one as the .dll one is deprecated and no longer maintained/updated.

      Best regards,
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