JLink with NXP IMXRT106x and modified flexRAM #2

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    • JLink with NXP IMXRT106x and modified flexRAM #2


      Re-opening this thread as the previous was got closed and the support ticket got closed as well.

      As a recap, I am trying to use a script to make ITCM memory available to JLINK so that flash erase/programming operations are possible, but so far this is not working for me.

      Here are the contents of my modified script.jlink file:

      ExitOnError 1
      w4 0x400AC040,0x00200007
      w4 0x400AC044,0xaaaaaabb
      w4 0x400AC038,0x00a70000
      loadfile "C:\mcuxpresso_ws_11p4\XXXXX\Debug\XXXXX.hex" 0x60000000

      Here is the error message that I get when I try and erase/program the flash:

      ****** Error: Failed to prepare RAMCode using RAM
      Error while determining flash info (Bank @ 0x60000000)
      Unspecified error -1

      Script processing completed.

      Any pointers why this might not be working please?