[SOLVED] Jlink log file structure

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  • [SOLVED] Jlink log file structure

    I have two XMC MCUs (XMC1302 and XMC1202) and I want to program them automatically.
    First I change BMI from ASC_BSL to SWD0, then I erase them and flash them.

    Initially I have used the process exit code , but that was not relevant. I was getting exit code 0 even if there was a problem (could not erase, could not flash)
    So I have enabled log file and now I try to extract from it usefull informations that can tell me if the operation was done successfully.

    What message should I search for, which can guarantee that erasing and flashing was done ?

    For these two MCU's , the log file looks different , for erase command and for loadbin command.

    For XMC1302 , in the log I get :
    T0340 000:254.002 JLINK_DownloadFile()
    ...... (many text strings)
    T0C14 000:403.358 JLINK_EndDownload()

    For the other MCU I get

    T0C14 000:259.369 JLINK_DownloadFile()
    ....(some text strings)
    T0C14 000:403.358 JLINK_EndDownload()
    .... (the rest of text strings)

    [logs attached]

    The log files do not seem respect the same structure every time.

    Product = SEGGER J-Link Lite-XMC4200 V1.00
    Nickname =
    SN = 591141691
    USB = SN 591141691
    HostFW = 2019 Mar 1 11:28

    EmuFW = 2019 Mar 1 11:28
  • Hi,

    Log files do not have any documented structure / format. The format may change from one version to another, without further notice or even a release note entry.

    The way to go is checking the return value of the application, not parsing the log file.
    Note that J-Link Commander is not designed for automation and production purposes.
    It is a utility for basic troubleshooting.
    You may automate things up to a certain extend though:
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