Unable to Halt ARM Core

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  • Unable to Halt ARM Core


    When i connect SAM ICE to Board designed by Us.

    It used to give error while connecting :

    Unable to halt ARM core:

    a) No CPU clock

    b) nWait signal active

    c) ICEBreaker disabled(DBGEN:...Jumper Setting)

    kindly find the comments for the above problems A)I connected 18.432 MHz crystal(abracon) with 22 pF CLoad.

    I found out the crystal clock is not coming always...

    when i do few power cycles ON/OFF clock started appearing.

    In that secenario I m able to enter into debug mode but after runnig it Again shows the same error :Unale to Halt Arm core.

    and clock also disappears.

    But on the AT91SAM7x256 eval board clock always comes and debugger works fine.

    Kindly comment on this.

    B) I searched in the Datasheet there is no nWait signal for AT91SAM7x256.

    C) No idea what it is.

    Kindly help me on this and send ur comment ASAP.