Prepopulate Ozone watchlist from script?

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    • Prepopulate Ozone watchlist from script?

      Each time I start Ozone or load a new revision of the code I'm developing I must manually add the same list of variables to the watchlist. Can I create a script that prepopulates the watchlist with those variables?

      I realize most debugging sessions aren't like this but I'm developing a mini-text editor and there are global data structures that are useful to watch at all times.
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      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Generally you can automate nearly all Ozone GUI actions via the project script.
      All GUI actions that can be scripted are also logged in the Ozone console, so you can simply copy paste the call from there to your Ozone project script.

      In this case function Window.Add ("Watched Data 1", "<YourVariable>"); can be used.
      For more information about the scripting see the Ozone manual.

      Best regards,
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