No output from JLinkRTTLogger after initial connection

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    • No output from JLinkRTTLogger after initial connection

      I have had JLink working fine on my old computer, but I have recently installed JLink etc on my new computer and when I connect to JLinkRTTLogger, I can see some old logs initially but when I reset the connected device, no logs appear. The same issue happens with JLinkRTTViewer.
      Here is my process:

      1) Connect to the device:


      1. JLinkRTTLogger -Device NRF52832_XXAA -If SWD -Speed 4000 -RTTChannel 0 /dev/stdout

      2) Device connects:


      1. SEGGER J-Link RTT Logger
      2. Compiled Aug 17 2021 17:17:05
      3. (c) 2016-2017 SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH,
      4. Solutions for real time microcontroller applications
      5. Default logfile path: ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------
      6. Connected to:
      7. J-Link V11 compiled Aug 10 2021 11:18:05
      8. S/N: 261004920
      9. Searching for RTT Control Block...OK. 3 up-channels found.
      10. RTT Channel description:
      11. Index: 0
      12. Name:
      13. Terminal Size: 1024 bytes.
      14. Output file: /dev/stdout
      15. Getting RTT data from target. Press any key to quit.
      16. ------------------------------------------------------------
      17. Loading zero value from storage: 603
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      As you can see, the first log is loaded (Loading zero value from storage: 603). The issue is that when I restart the connected device on my new computer like this:
      nrfjprog --reset -f nrf52

      I do not see any log output, whereas if I do this exact process on my old computer, I do see log output.

      The only difference between the computers that I can think of is that I installed the JLink tools quite a while back for the one that works. My new computer has the latest JLink tools. Perhaps a new version is causing a difference here?
    • Hi,
      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Please note that nrfjprog is not a SEGGER tool, but developed by Nordic.
      You would have to contact Nordic regarding this.

      Best regards,
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