[ABANDONED] RTT viewer missing logs

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  • [ABANDONED] RTT viewer missing logs

    I am developing an application, on cortex-m. When I look at the RTT viewer I am missing 14 seconds of logs.
    Is there any reason why this is happening?

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    This highly depends on your setup and application.
    To name the most common issues that can result in such a behavior:
    1) The RTT buffer was created with the SEGGER_RTT_MODE_NO_BLOCK_SKIP flag.
    => Only the first couple of messages are written to the buffer until your buffer is full.
    The other log messages are "thrown away", until the J-Link starts RTT and reads the data from the device.
    => The first messages are still available but the messages in between are missing.
    2) The device uses low-power modes which make the RAM in-accessible via debug interface in this time.
    3) No messages are send in this time.

    To give a certain answer you would have to provide more information:
    1) What device are you using?
    2) Are you working on an evaluation board or on a custom board?
    If evaluation board: Which one?
    If custom: Does this issue also appear on an evaluation board?
    3) How did you setup/configure RTT on target side?
    4) How did you setup the J-Link RTT Viewer?

    Best regards,
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