Stop Debug Session (Shift-F5) leaving CPU halted?

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    • Stop Debug Session (Shift-F5) leaving CPU halted?

      When I finish a debug session and click "Stop Debug Session" when the CPU is halted, I notice that the CPU continues executing even though CPU is halted in the debugger.

      Is there a way to configure Ozone so that the CPU remains halted when I stop my debug session?

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      Thank you for your inquiry.
      This is expected behaviour as control over the device is only given during the debug session.
      When leaving the debug session we leave the application running to enable setups where you would attach to certain code parts for example, but do not want to impact the applications behaviour after leaving the debug session.

      But for some other cases it might be useful/important to halt after ending the debug session.

      For that we have the exec command SetRestartOnClose. It is unfortunately not documented yet but available for many years now. We will update the documentation accordingly.

      The defaultvalue is =1 and will let the target run after debug stop.
      How to use command strings generally is explained here:…ng_J-Link_Command_Strings

      For Ozone it would be
      to set it to halt after debug stop.

      Please use this option with caution and only if really necessary e.g. where a running target might leave equipment damaged due to broken code or similar. In all other cases we recommend to leave it on default.

      Best regards,
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