[ABANDONED] Ozone remote debugging

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  • [ABANDONED] Ozone remote debugging

    I am trying to connect Ozone remotely with a cortex m33 device. On my local machine I am running Ozone and remotely I am running JLinkRemoteServerCLExe with the necessary parameters. I can see that the connection is made, because JLinkRemoteServer prints out that the connection is established. However, after a few seconds Ozone informs that the connections has been broken. Inside the Ozone Jlink log file, I find the following message:

    "Communication timed out: Requested 32 bytes, received 0 bytes !
    Could not read J-Link capabilities.

    I have tried to same setup at home with a NRF5340 and everything seems to work.

    Is it possible for JLinkRemoteServerCLExe to print out some more information??
  • I have seen issues like this when you try to run multiple JLink programs at the same time on Windows. Such as multiple JLinkRemoteServerCL.exe talking to same J-Link serial number or also having J-Link configurator open. It may also happen if you use the Ethernet port on the J-Link in parallel with a JLinkRemoteServerCL.

    Make sure to run only 1 at a time and you will likely avoid this error. Don't run J-Link configurator while you are also running JLinkRemoteServerCL.exe

    Would be nice if Segger provide warnings/errors to users when they try to run multiple at the same time to let you know. Also you can run multiple J-Link GDB servers in parallel talking to same J-Link PRO but not multiple JLinkRemoteServerCL.exe and configurator - maybe that could be improved to be like the GDB server?

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    The error message usually indicates that a J-Link feature is utilized that is not implemented for remote server yet.
    Could you provide some additional info of your setup?
    What is the S/N of your J-Link?
    With what parameters do you start the Remote Server and with what parameters to you connect with Ozone to it?
    Does the error happen directly after connect or after you enable some specific debug feature or similar?
    Is the issue reproducible consistently, if yes what are the steps?
    Could you provide a J-Link log of the failing session?

    Best regards,
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