AppWizard instead of GUI Builder for STemWin users?

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    • AppWizard instead of GUI Builder for STemWin users?

      I have STemWin v5.44 STM32F103VET6 Cortex-M3 project based on GUI Builder used. Is there are any ways to upgrade to AppWizard?
      1. I create the AppWizard project, fill it and 'export and save' it.
      2. I look to the AppWizard ProgramData folder and cannot find GCCM3 library. Please help me to create it for STemWin v5.44 to be able to use with AppWizard.
      3. I temporary use GCCM4 library and include files from AppWizard ProgramData folder and add it to my STM32Cube (Eclipse based) envirounment/project, as described in AppWizard user manual.

      4. The compiler find some errors:

      What is wrong?
    • Hi,

      AppWizard was initially released in conjunction with emWin V6.10. With emWin V5.44, there was no AppWizard.

      Also note the version number of AppWizard (which is V1.22_6.18b according to your screenshot). This means that AppWizard V1.22 has to be used with emWin V6.18b. I would suggest you update to the latest version of STemWin.

      Best regards,
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