[SOLVED] J-Link: Could not establish a connection to target

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  • [SOLVED] J-Link: Could not establish a connection to target

    I am having difficulty using a j-link mini to flash the bootloader on a Seeed Arch Mix development board (MCIMXRT1052QSPI).

    I am a hobbyist that is fairly new to working on hardware.

    I am following directions provided by Seeed to update the bootloader to Arduino using J-Link.

    I get to the point of flashing the new bootloader in J-Flash and it fails to connect to the target board.

    Here is the full log from J-Flash.

    Application log started
    - J-Flash V7.22b (J-Flash compiled Jun 17 2021 17:23:09)
    - JLinkARM.dll V7.22b (DLL compiled Jun 17 2021 17:22:49)
    Reading flash device list [C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGGER\JLink\ETC/JFlash/Flash.csv] ...
    - List of flash devices read successfully (451 Devices)
    Reading MCU device list ...
    - List of MCU devices read successfully (8512 Devices)
    Creating new project ...
    - New project created successfully
    Opening data file [C:\Users\bcc\Documents\Arduino\Arch Mix\bootloader.hex] ...
    - Data file opened successfully (39360 bytes, 1 range, CRC of data = 0x805A496A, CRC of file = 0xB416A8BD)
    Connecting ...
    - Connecting via USB to probe/ programmer device 0
    - Updating firmware: J-Link EDU Mini V1 compiled Jun 17 2021 16:46:54
    - Replacing firmware: J-Link EDU Mini V1 compiled Feb 4 2021 13:01:48
    - Waiting for new firmware to boot
    - New firmware booted successfully
    - Probe/ Programmer firmware: J-Link EDU Mini V1 compiled Jun 17 2021 16:46:54
    - Device "MCIMXRT1052QSPI" selected.
    - Target interface speed: 4000 kHz (Fixed)
    - VTarget = 0.000V
    - ERROR: Failed to connect.
    Could not establish a connection to target.

    I believe my issue is in my wiring between the j-link and the Arch Mix board.

    The wiki instructions states:
    Connect J-Link's SWD pins to Arch Mix's SWD Pins.
    DIO to DIO
    CLK to CLK
    GND to GND

    I used the provided j-link ribbon cable to make a small harness that allows me to connect the j-unit to a breadboard for these 3 connections.
    I checked the pinout on both devices and believe I have them mapped correctly.
    I have verified continuity in the connections between the boards.

    J-Link Ribbon Pin #2; SWDIO ==> Arch Mix DIO Pin J420
    J-Link Ribbon Pin #3; GND ==> Arch Mix GND Pin J421
    J-Link Ribbon Pin #4; SWCLK ==> Arch Mix CLK Pin J419

    Is there anything obvious that I am missing?
    Is the "VTarget = 0.000V" an issue?
    Do I need to connect the j-link VTRef pin to 3.3v on the board?

    Carmon Colvin
  • I found my problem, it was the missing VTarget value.

    After connecting J-Link Ribbon Pin #1; VTref ==> Arch Mix 3v3 Pin J422 I was able to flash the bootloader.

    I was hesitant to make the connection since it was not in the instructions and I know just enough to be dangerous with development boards.
  • Hi,
    Good to hear that you are up and running again.

    Since the issue is resolved, we will close this thread.

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