[SOLVED] Run Time/s Context

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  • [SOLVED] Run Time/s Context

    According to the user manual, the last three columns of the context window are supposed to show the amount of time spent in each context over the last recorded second. The final context in my list is an idle task of a FreeRTOS application but it's showing almost 13,000 ms spent idle over the last 1,000 ms recorded. Am I misunderstanding something here or is this a bug? I'm using System View unlicensed for a hobby so I'm not expecting support. I'm just trying to figure out what I'm seeing here and if it's a bug, letting you guys know.

    System View v3.30
    Free non-commercial license
    Windows 10 Pro build 19043.1052

  • Hello Kevin,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    This is indeed a display bug in SystemView and will be fixed with the next verison.
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    Best regards,
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