[SOLVED] J-Link IAR not support Nordic nRF9160 - why?

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  • [SOLVED] J-Link IAR not support Nordic nRF9160 - why?


    I tried to get a device of the nordic nRF9160 flashed with a IAR J-Link. I can't seem to find any reason why this doesn't work, the error Message is:
    the connected j-link does not support the armv8-m
    The firmware is up to date. Is the device just prohibited with the J-Link? I could not find a list specifying the supported devices.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction, as this is a jungle of different J-Link devices which differ in many different capabilities and I am new to this.
    Am I doing something wrong or do I have to buy a better J-Link?
  • The IAR J-Links have been discontinued years(!) before the nRF91 was released.
    You also do not expect your Windows 2000 to run the latest software from 2015-2020, right?
    It is similar for this J-Link and MCU support…

    We recommend to get a new J-Link:

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