[SOLVED] Debug session quits by itself

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  • [SOLVED] Debug session quits by itself


    i am trying to debug a project on a STM32H753VIT. The Ozone version ist V3.22e. The debugger is a J-Link Pro.
    I can download the program without any problems. But when i start the program, i get the following error message after a few seconds: CPU_REG_Set(): Register 0 is already marked as valid.
    After that i can not resume the debug session.

    Under which conditions Ozone pops up these error message? What do i have to check to solve the problem?

    Thank you for your help.
  • Hello,

    We received this inquiry via our support system in parallel so this thread will be closed now.
    The solution was that the target application was using a __WFI instruction during debug which caused this issue.
    Generally we do not recommend to try to debug low power modes if possible to avoid such follow up issues.

    For more information see here:

    Best regards,
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