Referenced data not displayed

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    • Referenced data not displayed

      I am trying to debug some data that is held within a reference on the stack. However, I am not able to see the content of it in ozone. In my production project I get "<outofscope>" in the location. In the minimal example shown below I get the correct address, size and type; however I don't get any values displayed:

      OS: Windows 10 1909
      Compiler: ARMCC 6.6.3 with -O0
      Target: LPC1768
      Ozone Version: 3.22e

      The example code:

      C Source Code: Main.cpp

      1. //disable heap
      2. __asm(".global __use_no_heap\n\t");
      3. //disable argv handling with ARMCC6 with -O0
      4. __asm(".global __ARM_use_no_argv\n\t");
      5. struct Foo
      6. {
      7. int MyInt;
      8. bool MyBool;
      9. Foo() : MyInt(0), MyBool(false) {}
      10. };
      11. class Bar
      12. {
      13. public:
      14. void doSomething()
      15. {
      16. auto& currentData = myContainer[0];
      17. currentData.MyBool = !currentData.MyBool;
      18. currentData.MyInt++;
      19. }
      20. private:
      21. Foo myContainer[2];
      22. };
      23. extern "C" int main(void)
      24. {
      25. Bar bar;
      26. while(true)
      27. {
      28. bar.doSomething();
      29. }
      30. return 0;
      31. }
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    • I also see a similar issue from time to time in version 3.22e on Linux x64.

      A global struct in my code that is not out of scope (address of fields are shown) shows empty values.

      I do not know yet the exact steps to reproduce this, but I have seen it very often.