Skipping certain values in Graph plot

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    • Skipping certain values in Graph plot


      I'm using GRAPH_DATA_YT_AddValue() function to continuously plot values on a graph.

      In my application, I should not plot '0' (Y-axis value) outputs and am just required to leave it or skip it (for that iteration alone) and proceed to plot the next Y-axis value.

      The current implementation is stitching together Y-axis inputs, and I'm not able to skip X-axis points without plotting anything.

      How can I implement this? Any suggestions? Let me know if any part of my issue/ question is confusing. I'll be happy to elaborate more.

      Thanks in advance.
    • Hi,

      You can add the value 0x7FFF to a YT_GRAPH for invalid values. This value will not be displayed and will result in a gap in the curve.

      Best regards,
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