cannot Debug target, failed to download application

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    • cannot Debug target, failed to download application

      I have problems to run and debug an example on one of my targets

      Programmer: J-Link plus - connected via SWD-Interface (Segger 6-pin adapter)
      Environment: using SES V5.44
      1. Target: Nordic nRF52832 on a UTOVERTEK UTO-NBL-52A Eval-Board
      2. Target: Nordic nRF52832 on a custom PCB
      Source/Example: ble_app_uart_pca10040_s1321 from Nordic SDK 17.0.2

      The source code compiles without any problems and I'm able to download and debug the code on target #1 (UTO) right away from SES.

      When trying the same with target #2, compile the code with F7 then run it with F5, SES pops up with "failed to download application, Generic error"
      Connecting J-Link works, no problems.
      Also the "target connection properties" seem to be ok, but one thing bothers me: it reports the target as "Cortex-M0" - but the nRF52832 is a Cortex-M4
      But: using the older "nrfGo Studio" I can successfully connect to target #2 and read/write/verify softdevice and applications

      any ideas what might be wrong here ?
      thanks, Matthias