Flasher Portable Plus - exit steps in stand-alone mode

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    • Flasher Portable Plus - exit steps in stand-alone mode

      I am trying to perform simple memory operations in Flasher Portable Plus - Exit steps section.
      When running the Flasher from J-Flash V6.90a, all operations (Init steps, flashing, serial number, exit steps) are performed correctly.

      But when using Flasher Portable Plus in the stand-alone mode, no exit steps are performed. - Is this feature abandoned in stand-alone mode ?

      I have no other issues with using the Flasher in the stand-alone mode.
      And yes I double checked the *.cfg, *.dat and SERIAL.TXT on the Flasher Portable Plus.

      FW version:
      J-Link / Flasher Portable Plus V1 compiled Nov 26 2020 16:01:35
    • Hello,

      This feature should work on the Flasher Portable PLUS and we are not aware of any problems.
      Could you please open a ticket for your case?

      Please read the forum rules before posting.

      Keep in mind, this is *not* a support forum.
      Our engineers will try to answer your questions between their projects if possible but this can be delayed by longer periods of time.
      Should you be entitled to support you can contact us via our support system: segger.com/ticket/

      Or you can contact us via e-mail.
    • New

      I have determined the cause of my confusion with a noticeable help from SEGGER support, Thanks !

      Although this was a great exercise in use of Init and Exit steps.
      I am abandoning whole "read-modify-write" in my Exit steps, since I have understood that there is no way to additionaly write into the flash through Exit steps, and I have no way of knowing the serial number at the time of performing the Init steps.

      Deeper explanation of what I came upon:
      • Exit steps indeed are performed in stand-alone mode.
      • First time reading the manual UM08003 I overlook the "Note" below "Init steps" section:
        • All “Write *” commands may only be used to write RAM or SFR registers, but not Flashmemory. Flash memory can only be influenced by altering the data file. The data filecan changed in the init steps by using the “Write File*” commands.
      • So Flasher in stand-alone mode quietly failed on "Var write32" into the flash section of memory.
      • Moving my "read-modify-write" steps into the Init steps helps a bit, using "Write File 32bit" indeed writes something onto my designated address.
        • BUT in my Init steps I have no knowledge of the "to be" serial number value, so useless anywa

      Only posibility to write into the flash in Exit steps would be using the FLASH->CR registers and then triggering a write operation, but really...

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